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Gerund and Infinitive
Merubah verb menjadi Noun dengan cara menambah ing , Non Active Verb juga bisa dg cara being V3/Adj./Noun
Contoh : I like Something
1.      I like playing football (playing football adalah gerund jadi wajib krna harus Something/benda )
2.      PV :  I like being taught by her
3.      N : I like being a Student
4.      Adj. : I like being here
Swimming is my favorit sport     
Being a teacher is fullfeelling job
Jadi di depannya harus kata benda karena merupakan suatu Objek

Ada kata kata yang di ikuti oleh Gerund
Deny _____ , Accustomed to_____,Looking forward to_______,Afraid of______,
Accused of_______
Jadi kata kata di atas wajid Diikuti gerund AV maupun NAV juga bisa kok

Infinitive (to do Something )
Dipakai untuk melakukan sesuatu
To pass the exam , we have to study harder
I will stay home Now , To Study English
(Melakukan kegiatan pertama untuk melakukan kegiatan selanjutnya)
I stop at Alfamart to Buy a Drink

Bentuk Causative
Yaitu bentuk yang membentuk orang lain melakukan sesuatu tindakan
+ Have Someone do (V.inf)  % Iwill have him wash my Car Tomorrow
                                                  % I had him wash my Car Yesterday
+ Let Someone do (V.inf)  % I let her Make Cake
+ Make Someone do (V.inf)  % I made her cry last night

+ get Someone to do (I will get him to buy the food)
+ask Someone to do (I will ask her toaccompany me)

Benda nya yang akan di lakukan
Have/let/make/get Something done by SomeOne
= I will have My car washed by Indra
+ Last Night I had My Hair Cut in the Baber Shop
(Causative jenis 1 n 2 ini sering keluar ^_^)

Who dan Whom : Kata ganti untuk orang
Who untuk Subject : I like the girl , The girl wears a red dress
                                      I like the girl , Who wears a red dress (mngacu Subject)
Whom untuk Object : The girl Whom I like , wears a red dress
Whose : Ketika menjadi Object possessive sesuatu yang dimiliki orang tersebut
           + Ilke the girl , her dress is red
           + Ilke the girl , Whose dress is red
                      $ I spoke to the man, His brother is my friend
                      $ I spoke to the man, Whose brother is my friend
Wich dan That : kedua duanya menyatakan sama yaitu benda
-          I killed the cat , the cat has black fur
-          I killed the cat , Which has black fur
-          I like the books , Most of the books are about Math
-          I like the books , Most of That are about Math

---------------------PARALAEL FORM----------------------------
Would rather Do than Do
Prefer Noun to Noun
I have to choose between something and Something
I like Noun,Noun, and Noun
Not Only _____but also _____
Too difficult to Solve
So Expensive that I spent my entire monthly sail

Sebab Akibat                            Contrast (berlawanan)
-Therefore                           -However
-Thus                                   -But
-Hence                                    -Yet
-Because                             -Nevertheless
-Consequently                     -Inspite of
-So                                       -Despite
-Since So that                      -Eventhough/Although/though
    Example :
Sebab Akibat
1.      I like Prestigious  university therefore I like Studying at BTI
2.      A=B , à A thus/hence/consequently B
3.      I like the band Since/because They Sing Jazz
4.      I came to the class so that I understand of to the topic
1.      She has Studied very hard however/Nevertheless/but/yet She didn’t pass the exam
2.      Although/though/Eventhough She has Studied Hard She didn’t pass the Exam
3.      Inspite of / Despite the rain a football match is still on

CONJUNCTION yang laennya
*      Instead of (Bukannya)
*      In addition / More over/Further more (Terlebih lagi)
*      Where as (dan tapi)
*      Besides (Disamping itu)
*      Still (Tetap)
*      In fact (faktanya)
*      For example / for instance (contohnya)
*      Other wise / Unless (kalau tidak )

Agree with some one / to do / on Something / That sentence

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